Refund & Exchange Policy

Nature of our Product and Business

Instaplan (the owner) sells House Plans/Designs created by architects. These House Plans/Designs (including but not limited to House Plans/Designs, text, graphics, software, photographs and other images, videos, sound, trade marks and logos) is the copyright of Instaplan and all Intellectual Property (which includes rights such as copyright, and rights in trade marks) vests in Instaplan. Once the consumer makes a purchase the House Plan/Design is downloaded by the purchaser and Instaplan then gives the consumer a lisence to use the copyright for personal (thus non- commercial or re-selling) purposes.

Instaplan has no way of retrieving/collecting the House Plan/Design from the consumer after the consumer has downloaded the House Plan/Design and Instaplan has given the lisence of copyright for personal use once the transaction is completed. Thus the consumer has the House Plans/Design in his posession and can copy, use or save the content of the House Plan/Design on his/her device.

Due to the nature of the trade once the lisence for personal use of the copyright is granted by Instaplan to the consumer after the House Plan/design is downloaded, the lisence cannot be revoked and the transaction cannot be retracted.

No Refund and Exchange Policy

Due to the nature of our business and product we have a no refund and no exchange policy that is applicable to all purchases.

Your Responsibility

The responsibility lies with the consumer (you) to revise every detail of the transaction before completing the purchase. We advise that you use the following checklist before submitting your order online:

a) Check if your personal information that you have submitted is correct including your name, surname, contact details, physical address and email address.
b) Check if you have selected the correct House Plan/Design you wish to purchase.
c) Ensure that you have consulted the correct experts and authorities in your local area.
d) Check that your financial details are correct on our 3rd-party gateway.

Your Legal Rights

Nothing in these Terms limits or takes away from your legal rights under general law. Purchases made via the Website are generally non-exchangable and non-refundable.

Contact us

Should any further queries arise about our refund and exchange policy please contact us